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Conversation with Gary Passero and Wayne Wegman-VIDEO

A Conversation with Gary Passero and Wayne Wegman - VIDEO

Third in a series of conversations with firm leadership, by Maeve Byrne 

Gary Passero, the founder of Passero Associates, and Wayne Wegman, Former CEO, reflect upon the firm and their careers as they approach retirement. Gary founded the firm 45 years ago, and Wayne had been with the firm for 40 years. Gary started Passero Associates as a one-m
an operation, in one office building, and he built it up from there. Wayne, as a leader of the company and with Gary’s guidance, helped move the firm in the direction that helped it grow. With both the leadership of Gary and Wayne, Passero Associates has expanded into the firm that it is today; more than 80 employees, operating in six states and the Caribbean. 

Gary Passero 75  Wayne Wegman 75